KuCraft Wiki

KuCraft is a gated community server, which requires players to own a whitelist ticket or land in order to play.

After obtaining a ticket or a land you need to download a Minecraft Client (Java Edition) from Microsoft Store, or you can use Tlauncher (Free) third party launcher. You're also going to need Java installed on your PC, otherwise Minecraft client won't install.

Server supports all versions, but for best results we recommend using 1.18.2 which can be selected in your minecraft launcher menu.

Once you bough a land, send us a message with your Minecraft account username on twitter from, twitter account set as your wallet identity on Opensea or Singular.

When you have your account verified, you are free to join the metaverse server, which is open 24/7 for whitelist members.

To join the server, launch your Minecraft client, click "Multiplayer" and "Add server". Add a new server named KuCraft and copy+paste this address: then click save, and you can connect to server by double-clicking the server in multiplayer menu.

Upon joining server for the first time, you will be asked to set your 2FA password.

Password system:

  • On first login press "t" to open game chat, and enter: /password set yourpassword
  • after setting your password type yourpassword in chat once
  • each login will require entering password in chat as asked in password interface
  • enter the password without "/"
  • when you enter your password and the login session is still active, other players are unable to see your password in chat.
  • for best security we recommend having a licensed Minecraft account

Once you successfully enter the password, you will get teleported to Jericho (spawn city) where you can use the Railroads, Daily bonus chests, Go to Portal Hub, or check the city land plots which are available as NFTs on Singular.