KuCraft Wiki

KuCraft game economy is based on two foundations: Game money ($BBUCKS) and crypto tokens ($MOVR, $xcKSM).

Game money

When you enter /shop command, this interface appears where you can buy or sell any basic item

Game money drops from elite mobs in form of coins, and can be obtained by selling various items to server shop using /shop command.

Select a specific item that you want to buy or sell, and activate buying or selling by clicking it with left or right button. After selecting an amount of item you want to buy or sell, then click on "buy" or "sell" button in the interface, and your transaction is now complete.

Game money balance can be checked via /money command

To send money to another player, you can use /pay PlayerName 100 where 100 is the amount of money you're sending.

Players with highest amount of land, game money and skills progression are ranked highest on the leaderboard, making grinding to become the richest player essential core of the competitive part of the game.

Game money can be swapped both ways to $MOVR and $xcKSM, and other way around.

Blockchain wallet

Each player has a blockchain wallet created for them on their first login at KuCraft. Blockchain wallet is set to Moonriver Network, and accessible by typing /wallet command

Full list of blockchain wallet commands can be observed by typing /wallet help, /wallet help 2, /wallet help 3, /wallet help 4

/wallet keys -- Shows you your private keys for export (don't share it with anyone, even the admins)

/wallet transfer movr evmaddress amount -- sends specified amount of movr to specified wallet address (for withdrawals)

/wallet exchange -- shows available exchange pairs, where you can swap movr to game money and items

/wallet playername -- shows player's balance and wallet address

/wallet trade player movr amount -- opens trading interface which can be used to exchange in-game items with other players for crypto tokens

All transfers are made automatically, and not censored by the server, if it doesn't conflict with server rules. We don not recommend keeping large amount of tokens on in-game wallet, and can't take full responsibility for its security, so use it as a buffer wallet and always withdraw everything after you done your transactions.

Play to Earn

Game money can be swapped to crypto tokens for whitelist and land holders, which then can be withdrawn to your other wallet, or spent on premium in-game items.

Land owners have additional bonus in form of weekly chests based on their royal rank, where they can wd certain amount of game money, which then can be converted to $MOVR or $xcKSM